A little about us.

Welcome to iAB Financial Bank. We’re an independent, community-owned bank serving four counties in Indiana from 17 locations. And although our name may be new, we hope you’ll think of us as an old friend. Independent Alliance Banks was formed in 2005 with the consolidation of two strong, local community financial institutions that have served this area for 70 years. We added to our organization another local, community bank in Bourbon, bringing our total assets to greater than $1 billion. We bring a whole new world of financial strength and resources to work for you. Count on it.


To be a true partner to our customers, helping them achieve their financial goals through innovative solutions, personal service, and a wide range of banking resources.


To make our communities stronger and our customers more prosperous.

Core Values.

Integrity – We do what’s right every time, with an honesty and openness not always found in financial institutions.

Accountability – We’re financially secure and responsible to our customers, employees, owners and the communities we serve.

Brotherhood – We contribute to the greater good, giving back to our community and caring for others.

Executive Officers

  • Michael C. Marhenke, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Kevin J. Himmelhaver, Executive Vice President (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Paul J. Grandlienard, Executive Vice President (Chief Credit Officer)
  • William H. Thatcher, III, Executive Vice President (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Karen J. Cameron, Executive Vice President (Corporate Services)
  • Michael A. Rice, Executive Vice President (Operations)

As a community-owned financial institution, we pledge to manage our entrusted resources for the benefit of our customers, employees, owners, and the community.

Karen J. Cameron
Executive Vice President


  • Joel M. Arnold, Assistant Vice President (Agribusiness Banking Officer)
  • Kimberly L. Bates, Assistant Vice President (Bourbon)
  • Debra K. Bishop, Assistant Vice President (Treasury Management Services)
  • Matthew L. Blair, Vice President (Commercial Banking Officer)
  • Gary L. Blount, Vice President (Mortgage Sales Manager)
  • John F. Blum, Senior Vice President (Business Banking Manager)
  • Heather M. Bontempo, Retail Banking Officer
  • Cody M. Brooks, Commercial Banking Officer
  • Joseph A. Byers, First Vice President (Wealth Management)
  • Sherri S. Chaney, Vice President (Wealth Management Administrator)
  • Clayton D. Crum, Assistant Vice President (Loan Workouts)
  • Nicholas C. Felger, Assistant Vice President, (Business Banking Officer)
  • E. Rick Goettlich, Senior Vice President (Agribusiness Banking Manager)
  • John F. Gouveia, III, Vice President (Agribusiness Banking Officer)
  • Steven R. Habig, Vice President (Business Banking Officer)
  • Jeffrey A. Humbarger, Senior Vice President (Treasurer)
  • Tarrah D. Jasso, Retail Banking Officer
  • Jill R. Keim, Vice President (Commercial Banking Officer)
  • Penny M. Kinser, Vice President (Crop Insurance Manager)
  • Jeffrey L. Krivacs, Vice President (Consumer Credit Underwriting)
  • Matthew R. Marshall, Assistant Vice President (Commercial Banking Officer)
  • Bradley D. Martin, Mortgage Banking Officer
  • Todd A. Martin, Mortgage Banking Officer
  • Gray R. McEachern, Mortgage Banking Officer
  • Travis D. McEowen, Vice President (Wealth Management Investments)
  • Robert A. Michael, First Vice President (Commercial Banking Officer)
  • Jody J. Morrissey, Vice President (Compliance Director)
  • Thomas G. Obergfell, Senior Vice President (Commercial Banking Manager)
  • Leroy W. Pasko, Vice President (Agribusiness Banking Officer)
  • Barbara E. Passwater, Assistant Vice President (Grabill)
  • Raymond D. Paxson, Vice President (Agribusiness Banking Officer)
  • Sharon K. Rorick, Vice President (Deposit Operations)
  • Kevin J. Roth, Vice President (Business Banking Officer)
  • Jenna M. Russell, Mortgage Banking Officer
  • Aaron R. Schaffer, Vice President (Commercial Banking Officer)
  • Sidney R. Schwartz, Vice President (Business Banking Officer)
  • Eric J. Sheibley, Vice President (Comptroller)
  • Bradford G. Stanfield, Vice President (Commercial Banking Officer)
  • Randall S. Steiner, Vice President (Credit Department Manager)
  • Sally J. Stoller, Assistant Vice President (Mortgage Loan Operations Manager)
  • Jane E. Vickrey, Assistant Vice President (Agribusiness Banking Officer)
  • Jeffrey L. Wyckoff, Assistant Vice President (Loan Review Manager)
  • Andrew W. Yergler, Senior Vice President (Retail Banking Manager)
  • James A. Yonker Jr., First Vice President (Commercial Banking Officer)
  • David R. Young, Vice President (Treasury Management Services)

Our Directors

  • Brent L. Clifton, Vice Chairman of the Board; Retired President/CEO, Grabill Bank
  • Douglas F. LeMaster, Retired President, Agrarian Grain, Inc.
  • Karl R. LaPan, President/CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, Inc.
  • Michael C. Marhenke, President/CEO, iAB Financial Bank
  • Dr. Ann C. McPherren, Senior Vice President for Strategy & Graduate Adult Programs, Professor of Business & Economics, Huntington University
  • Kathryn A. Brogan,Partner, Eilbacher Fletcher, LLP
  • Robert L. Caley, Grain Farmer, Caley Farms, Inc.
  • William S. Ogden, Vice President Finance, Sauder Manufacturing Co.
  • Charles R. Schrimper, Chairman of the Board; Retired President/CEO, Group Dekko
  • James A. Witmer, Senior Vice President, Parkview Health