Online Banking User Guide


Getting Started
You can apply for Online Banking through the iAB web site, you can fill out an application at your nearest iAB office, or you can download an application from our web site. After your application is processed, your Online Banking ID and instructions for activating your account will be sent to you by postal mail.

To ensure the highest possible security, you must use a browser that supports 128-bit SSL encryption, such as Netscape Navigator 4.7 and higher or Microsoft Explorer version 5.0 and higher. These browsers or browser updates are available free from the Netscape and Microsoft web sites.

Online Banking Log-in
To begin banking online, click on the Online Banking Log-in button, located on the iAB web site homepage ( From the Log-in page you can sign on and access iAB's Online Banking services by entering your Online Banking ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number). After you have entered your Online Banking ID and PIN, click on the Begin Banking button to access your account information.

Immediately following your first successful log-in, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Your new PIN must be between 6 and 8 characters in length and may be either letters or numbers. For maximum security we recommend that you use a combination of letters and numbers. REMEMBER: Keep your PIN private; do not disclose your PIN to others and do not write your PIN on anything that can be viewed by others.

If you forget your PIN, you must call iAB's Customer Service Call Center at (260) 422-2265 or (855) 422-2264 (toll free) for assistance Monday through Friday 7 am - 7 pm and Saturdays 7 am - 1 pm, to have your PIN reset.

After 3 unsuccessful log-in attempts the system will automatically lock your account. This is done to prevent possible unauthorized access to your accounts. You may call iAB at (260) 422-2265 or (855) 422-2264 for help in unlocking your accounts.

You may change your PIN at any time by using the Management option within Online Banking. We recommend that you change your PIN frequently.

Account Listing Page
The Account Listing page allows access to all of the accounts that have been selected for viewing through Online Banking. If you do not see an account that you own and would like access to, please call iAB at (260) 422-2265 or (855) 422-2264. Initially, your accounts will be titled with a generic name. As a security precaution, your account numbers are not used over the Internet. You can change the account names by using the Management option and then choosing "Change Pseudo Account Name". You may want to use a more meaningful name such as "Johns Savings" or "Household Checking".

For each account, you may choose from several options using the drop-down menu arrow. Don't forget to click on the "GO" button after you have made your selection.

View Account Information
This option shows a brief summary of key information on this account.

View Current Transactions
Use this option to display a listing of all the transactions for your account since your last statement (loan accounts will display a complete history). You will see a running balance in the right-hand column. For deposit-transaction accounts, you will see a check number link or a link titled "view image". Click on these links to view an image of the check or deposit represented by the link. You may also view the backside of the check or deposit image.

View Previous Statement
If your account statement has cycled since you have been established on Online Banking, you will be able to view your previous statements. The available statement dates will be displayed from which you may choose. After three statements have cycled, you will be able to view as many as three previous statements. 
View Range of Transactions Between Dates
Online Banking retains 90 days of history for your account. You can search for transactions on a specific day or a range of days.

Transfer Funds from this Account
This option will appear for those accounts that have the transfer option available. You can transfer money one time or you can set up a scheduled recurring transfer.

To initiate a transfer request:

1. Select the account to transfer funds from by using the drop-down menu on the Account Listing page. Click the GO button.

2. The View Scheduled Transfers page will appear. Click on the "Add New Transfers" button.

3. On the transfer funds page select the account to transfer funds to by clicking on the button next to the account name. If a transfer is initiated to a loan (loan payment), select a payment option. By allowing the default option, "allow bank to apply payment to loan" your payment will be applied as a normal payment. If you wish to applya principal-only payment, select this option. Note: If you choose to "apply payment to principal", the next due date for your loan will not automatically advance.

4. In the amount to transfer box enter the amount, including cents, that you would like to transfer.

5. Optional: If you wish to make the transfer a scheduled recurring transfer, select the frequency and dates from the available options at the bottom of the page. The default for transfers is one time.

6. To process your transfer, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. After you complete the transfer, a page displaying the information about the transfer and a confirmation number will appear. You should print this page for your records.

Enter Stop Payment (paper checks only)
Using this option you can place a stop payment on a check based upon a check number or amount. Be aware that there is a charge for this service that will be deducted from your account. You can select a specific check, a range of checks, or you can select a specific dollar amount. Fields marked with red arrows are required; at least one of the fields marked with blue arrows must be completed. The more information you can supply the easier it will be to stop the proper check. After filling out the requested information click the submit button. Note that we are unable to place a stop payment order on checks that we've already received and paid.

You will see a confirmation page. The stop payment request is only good for 14 days. If you wish to place a stop payment for a longer period, you must print this page, sign it and mail it to: iAB Deposit Services, 118 East Ludwig Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825. Please remember to keep a second copy for your personal records.

Note: If you wish to place a stop payment on an electronic payment you must call iAB Deposit Services at (260) 422-2265 or (855) 422-2264 to have the proper forms sent to you.

After the written stop payment notice is signed and received by iAB, your stop payment order is good for six months and will not be effective after six months, unless the stop payment is renewed in writing.

View Stop Payments
Use this option to view any stop payment requests that have previously been made.

Account Management
The Account Management page gives you the option to change your PIN or personal ID (Alias), reset your login counter, change account names, and change display options.

Change Personal ID (Alias)
You can change your Online Banking ID from the 12-digit bank assigned number to something easier for you to remember (alias). The alias that you choose must be between 4 and 12 characters long with no spaces or special characters. The ID cannot begin with a number, but may include numbers in it. All ID's are individual and no two persons may have the same one. If you choose an ID that has already been selected by another customer, you will be prompted to select another ID.

Reset Login Count
This option resets the account usage counters that appears at the bottom of the Accounts Listing Page. This information shows the last time you logged in and how often you have logged in. This information may be useful for you to identify activity on your account that may not be authorized.

Change Pseudo Account Name
Each account that you have access to through Online Banking will initially be set up with the default name created by the banking system. If you wish to change the name of any accounts to something more meaningful, you can do so here. Valid account names can include upper and lowercase letters, spaces, and any number between 0 and 9.

Display Options
You may select how many accounts that you wish to display on the account listing page.

Download Transactions
Online Banking allows you to download account transactions into a personal finance application such as Quicken or Microsoft Money. You can also download your account information into a text file or spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. Note: In order to download transactions into Quicken, you will need the Quicken 2001 version or newer. To download transactions do the following:

1. From the Download Transactions page, select the account you would like to download transactions from

2. Select the range of transactions to download

3. Select a format for the type of software you are downloading to:

Open Financial Exchange (.QFX - for Microsoft Money) 
Open Financial Exchange (.QFX - for Intuit Quicken) 
Intuit Interchange Format (.IIF - for Intuit QuickBooks) 
Personal Finance (.QIF) 
Spreadsheet (.CSV - Excel, Lotus, etc.) 
Word Processing (.TXT - Plain text document) 
4. Click on the Download Transactions button to begin downloading. The next page will give additional instructions on saving the file. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to complete the download.