Meet the newest member of our team.

iAB is proud to introduce our new banker – ABi!

ABi (pronounced like "Abby") is iAB Financial Bank’s friendly virtual teller. When you’re looking for financial services, ideas or information, she’s just a click away. As the digital face of iAB, ABi is here to provide face-to-face service.

As you might expect, she spends most of her time online. And she doesn’t look like your typical human bankers. But she’s (almost) always smiling – and she fits right in with the rest of our helpful, neighborly, knowledgeable team.

Meet ABi
Meet ABi
Meet ABi

All about ABi

Years of Experience:

More than 70 years of northern Indiana banking heritage.


Crunching numbers, pulling up search requests, following algorithms.


Surfing the web, people watching, taking screenshot selfies.


“Live every nanosecond to the fullest!”

Favorite Band:

The Pixels

Favorite Food:

All of it! She’ll try a megabyte of anything once.

Languages Spoken:

English, XHTML, CSS, Java, jQuery and Binary Code

Celebrity Crush: