ACH Services

The Automated Clearing House is an easy way to pay or receive funds. ACH provides a safe, efficient method to move money without the expense of a paper check or a wire transfer. The ACH department ensures secure and accurate processing of each file received. ACH transactions can be easily transmitted when you use Online Banking.

Investment Sweep Account

At the end of each business day, a Sweep Account takes the excess cash from your business checking account and moves it to an investment account overnight, allowing your funds to earn interest. In the morning, the funds are back in your checking account and ready to work. While these funds are not FDIC insured, we purchase Government Securities on your behalf to collateralize your funds. When needed, the automated sweep service may also be used to access or pay down a Line of Credit.

Business Money Market Accounts

A business money market account gives you the interest of a savings account, with the flexibility, convenience and spending power of a checking account. With a tiered interest rate, you earn more as your balance increases. The $10.00 monthly fee is waived for balances above $2,000.

Services for Receivables

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture requires a desktop scanner that connects to your computer and the Internet. By scanning the checks your business receives, you can make electronic deposits anytime, day or night. It’s the quickest way to turn check deposits into cash.

Watch a Remote Capture demo.

Merchant Processing Services

Doing business in the electronic age means you need to be able to process credit and debit card transactions. Merchant processing services allow you to accept credit and debit card payments at the point of sale or over the internet.

Services for Payables

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a great tool for companies that need make or receive payments under tight deadlines. Wires provide a high-speed, secure method of transferring money from one bank to another. Wire transfers can be sent through our Online Banking system, and can be used to make international payments through our Foreign Exchange system.

Business Credit Cards and Purchasing Cards

Business Credit Cards allow you to automate your travel and entertainment expenses, and simplify your purchasing system. In addition to improving cash flow, a Business Credit Card program makes it easy to track employee expenses, vendor payments and other procurement expenses.

Zero Balance Accounts

A Zero Balance Account makes your funds more flexible and efficient. It is a checking account that maintains a zero balance by automatically transferring from a master account to cover only the checks presented. ZBAs are used by corporations to maintain greater control over disbursements and keep funds from being held up in separate accounts.

Online Business Banking

Online Treasury Management Services

A way to manage your finances electronically, view your account history, and track payments and deposits. You can transfer money between accounts – even to another financial institution with electronic funds transfer (EFT). You can also pay bills, wire funds, and control disbursements.

Reconciliation/Positive Pay

Reconciliation services help to automate your account balancing process when you want it and where you want it. Protect yourself against check fraud using our automated Positive Pay Service.