Operating Lines of Credit

An iAB Agribusiness Line of Credit can help you stay profitable as you weather market fluctuations, prepaid inputs, carryover of grain and family living expenses until harvest. As experts in their field, our Agribusiness specialists can help you build customized financing that fits your individual farming needs.

Farm Land Loans

Do you have your eye on a farm down the road or a plot of land across the section? Or maybe just need to consolidate debt or find a better interest rate? Let our Agribusiness Bankers help you decide if a Farm Land Loan is right for you.

Farm Service Agency (FSA) Loan Programs

We work closely with your local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office to offer loans and information about FSA programs. FSA loans are often provided to beginning farmers who cannot qualify for conventional loans because they have insufficient financial resources. FSA also helps established farmers who have suffered financial setbacks from natural disasters, or whose resources are too limited to maintain profitable farming operations. Contact one of our Agribusiness Bankers for more information on any of these programs.

Learn more about FSA programs on the USDA website.

Equipment Loans

Are you looking at that next piece of equipment? Let an iAB Agribusiness Banker have the opportunity to finance that next purchase. Customized rates and terms are available to fit your cash flow and farm needs.

To apply for a loan or line of credit, download the Personal Financial Statement and Ag Financial Statement forms.

Equipment Leasing

Are you thinking about leasing your next piece of equipment? An iAB Agribusiness Banker can help you find financing to cover the leasing cost. Customized rates and terms are available to fit your operation’s cash flow and farming needs.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing is no longer just limited to large operations. Today, operators lease more agriculture equipment than ever before.

What Can Be Leased?

Almost any type of new or used equipment can be leased. This includes tractors, combines, sprayers, implements, grain bins, grain dryers, irrigation equipment, trucks, fertilizer equipment, machinery buildings and more.

To learn more about leasing options, visit The Progressive Farmer.