Manage your risk with crop insurance.*

iAB Financial Bank offers all lines of crop and hail insurance. Our Agribusiness Development Officer is also a licensed insurance agent. To find coverage that fits your operation, she works with multiple insurance underwriters, including Rural Community Insurance Services (RCIS) and Diversified Services.

Common types of crop insurance:

  • Revenue Protection (RP)
  • Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RPHPE)
  • Yield Protection (YP)
  • All Levels of Crop Hail Insurance
  • Area Risk Protection Insurance
    • Area Revenue Protection (formerly GRIP)
    • Area Yield Protection (formerly GRP)
    • Area Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (formerly GRIP HE)

To learn more about agribusiness insurance, contact Penny Kinser at (855) 422-2264 or at

*Penny Kinser, iAB Crop Insurance Manager, is a licensed insurance agent and works with Diversified Services and Rural Community Insurance Services. Equal opportunity provider. Insurance policies are obligations of the issuing insurance company and are not obligations or deposits of, or guaranteed by any bank and are not FDIC insured.